Message from the President

Dear friends,

Happy new year 2020 and greetings for the festival of renouncing negative thoughts, appreciation of the warmth, best of health, and springing of friendliness, and growth - Makara Sankranthi

I am very happy to take over as the president of IAP Bangalore, which was formed by great visionaries of yesteryears to propagate knowledge and develop camaraderie among pediatricians. This chair has been occupied by many academic stalwarts of great standard, and I humbly accept this task of fulfilling their aspirations with all your co-operation and support.

Going ahead, conducting a good quality program is becoming a challenge for many reasons. The attendance of the members for each meet is very important and should increase month by month and year by year. Let us strengthen the organization. It will be of great help if the members themselves indicate what type of programs, and what topics they are anticipating from their team. Ultimately the association is created for the members. It's survival is in their own interest. Let us join hands together and make this association a vibrant one in serving this society and the members.

The medical fraternity is facing many difficulties, and it has become a great hurdle to resolve and go ahead in serving the society, confidently and rationally with peace of mind. It needs a combined effort from all of us and other medical organizations jointly to face the obstacles. I Hope all of us can do this together in the coming years.

One can practice with confidence only by learning, gaining and sharing knowledge by attending academic meetings regularly. Thanking you and once again wishing all the members a happy and progressive year ahead

Dr Ravishankara M
President -2020
IAP Bangalore -BPS